I offer private instructional workshops and photo tours in the San Francisco Bay Area, with an emphasis on Marin County. Each class and tour is customized to the participant's interests and experience level. Whether you're a beginner, novice or seasoned shooter interested in accessing hard to reach locations, I can help you improve your images and guide you to the most productive places, at the right time. I offer a number of different options:

Intro to Photography

This class is designed for entry level and novice photographers who are ready to take their skills to the next level.


Learn how to create powerful seascape images in an afternoon shooting session with me on the coast. This is my most popular class.

Photographing Fog

The San Francisco Bay Area is synonymous with fog, however photogenic fog is rarer than most think, and capturing it isn't always easy! Learn how to photograph this beautiful weather event from the best points of view in town. 

San Francisco Bay Area Photo Tour

Photograph the beautiful Bay Area from the best points of view in a private guided tour with me.



"Chris was awesome, I flew from LA to meet with him and a friend, even though I only had the weekend up in the Bay Area he was super accommodating and very knowledgeable, kept us informed on the weather and fog pattern and gave us complete tools for understanding and tracking the fog, camera settings and best lenses to use. Even though the fog didn't happen when we met him being that it was late in the season, he took us to all the "spots" up in Mt. Tam, completely open and honest about locations so we would be able to return on our own. Can't wait to go back next fog season!" - Pilar Cristi, Los Angeles, CA

"I had a great time with Chris in SF. It was my first time visiting and I was solo—he was so informative, detailed, and accommodating. I spent half a day with him shooting, it was like being with a buddy of mine.” - Asmahan Alabedy, United Arab Emirates

"Going out on a photo tour with Chris was great; even though I couldn’t take pictures of the fog because the weather didn’t cooperate; instead I ended up taking really nice sunrise and seascape shots!” - Federica Valdes, Mexico City

"I don’t know where even to start. I had a blast working with Chris. If you want to have a unique experience with amazing photographs, you can’t go wrong with Chris. He knows the area. He knows when and what to photograph. He will give you all the knowledge and tools you need to create works of art if you willing to get up before sunrise and stay up after sundown. One day, I will definitely come back and work with Chis to explore more photographic opportunities. My advice to people who want to hire Chris: give him as much info about what you want to do, so he can tailor your stay to the best of his abilities. Chris thank you so much for unforgettable experience of chasing the fog and capturing great photographs.” - Ken Vartanov, New Jersey

“If you want to have a high quality personalized photography tour experience, you can't go wrong with Chris. Not only is he very responsive to your initial inquiries, he's also very flexible to make sure your experience is fully customized to your needs. And he knows the bay area really well, so even if the weather is less than ideal (like when I had my session), he's fully committed to make sure you still get the most out of your time. If you're lucky, he might share some of his music too! I highly recommended Chris! - Ivan Maramis, Minneapolis, MN

"As a beginner, I didn't have much knowledge of the simple basics of landscape photography. Chris made sure to find out what exactly I was looking for and tailored the entire session around what I was hoping to accomplish, which was learning how to properly take long exposures. He taught me the basics, made sure I understood them, and gave me invaluable core advice—small things that made a huge difference in the quality of my photographs overall. I can honestly say that attending Chris' workshop was one of the best decisions I could have made. I'd definitely recommend Chris to anyone who is looking to hone their landscape photography skills." - Carl Bishop, Berkeley, CA

"Chris not only gave me a most informational and rewarding class, but he helped guiding me in purchasing the necessary equipment to succeed. The money I spent for my 1-on-1 session with him paid for itself before I even met up with Chris. He cares about your success and his line in always open whenever you have questions, before or after the session." - Travis Bordine, San Francisco, CA

"I highly recommend one-on-one sessions with Chris. He's not only a talented photographer, but an excellent teacher as well. I'm not a classroom/textbook kind of guy so his personal session was perfect. He modified his teaching technique to meet my skill level, making it so much easier for me to understand and immediately implement what I learned. I will definitely schedule a follow up class with Chris again." - Mark Avila, Inland Empire, CA

"The 1:1 photography sessions I've done with Chris have not only been unforgettable experiences, but have increased my photography skill set very quickly. Chris knows many unique spots to shoot from around the San Francisco Bay Area and is a trustworthy guide. I highly recommend investing in lessons with Chris." - Philip Hotchkiss, San Francisco, CA

"Upon taking a seascape workshop with Chris I learned new methods that have since advanced my photography of water movement." - Morgan Karno, Chico, CA

"Chris was able to break down the elements of landscape composition and explain the reasoning behind them, additionally his insights into ethos and significance of photography have been very helpful in creating captivating and meaningful images." - Vlad Kolesnikov, Sleepy Hollow, NY

"I'm completely new to digital SLR photography. Chris has been an immense help in regards to teaching me shooting techniques and advising me on the right gear to buy." - Don Fox, Costa Mesa, CA

"Chris explains in a simple, calm manner how to get the most from your camera. His course was well worth the time. I left having learned new techniques to take fantastic cityscapes.” - Michael Snyder, New York, NY

"I learned a lot of technical skills from Chris, enabling me to take my photography to a whole new level. He is an excellent teacher, very professional and all around great guy!" - Lily Booth, Los Angeles, CA

"Chris was immensely helpful in getting me started with Lightroom. I was so impressed by his knowledge and teaching ability that I subsequently booked a photography workshop with him." - Kevin McGah, Los Angeles, CA

"Chris helped me take my photography to new heights. I learned how to operate my camera manually and picked up lots of super helpful tips throughout our class in Manhattan. He took a genuine interest in me improving and it was a great opportunity getting to learn from him." Craig Stacey, Minneapolis, MN

"I've had the pleasure of taking Chris's workshop in NYC. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a great deal. He is professional, knowledgeable, helpful and incredibly talented." - Mike Payne, New Rochelle, NY

"Chris will not only teach you the skills of photography, but the power of patience and perseverance. He is personable and laid back with others but diligent and calculated with the camera. I highly recommend a session with this influential photographer." - Ashley Whelan, San Diego, CA

"A few hours with Chris rekindled my interest in landscape photography and taught me so much about composition and exposures. The numerous pointers he helped me with have been priceless, and I look forward to taking more classes with him in the future." - Zach Canfield, San Francisco, CA

"Chris was able to give me a lot of valuable information within our afternoon of shooting. He taught me long exposure techniques and helped me learn Lightroom. He also gave me advice on which filters to buy after I emailed him a couple weeks later." - Ebenezer Ackon, Brooklyn, NY

"Great way to spend the day. Got our feet wet, learned so much and took some amazing photos. Thank you Chris for showing us a nice time as well as elevating our knowledge!" - Yvannia Perez, San Francisco, CA