Christopher Markisz - Rodeo Beach Burning

Learn how to create powerful seascape images in an afternoon shooting session with me on the coast. This is my most popular class.

Seascaping is my favorite type of landscape photography. Every wave is different and interacts with the shoreline, whether sand, rocks or debris in its own unique way, giving you endless foreground possibilities— within one single composition! It's an action packed shooting experience. Students will learn to use different shutter speeds in order to achieve various desired affects, how to read wave activity and make interesting subjects and foregrounds on what at first might look like an ordinary beach.

A general understanding of operating your camera in manual mode is helpful, but not a requirement for this class (we can start from the very beginning or get right to shooting).


These private classes are $300 per person and last up to 3 hours. (Extended sessions can be arranged for a fee of $100 per additional hour.) We will meet in a location of your choice (or mine if you prefer), taking into consideration seasonal conditions, weather, tide and time of day. I typically begin these classes 2 hours before sunset and shoot until about an hour after the sun crosses the horizon. 

Required gear:

• Any DSLR camera with a manual mode. Bring extra batteries and memory cards.

• The widest lens you have (I typically shoot seascapes with a 16-35mm on a full frame body).

• A sturdy tripod (prepare for it to be submerged).

Recommended gear:

•Shutter release remote.

• Any Neutral Density filters you have.

• L-bracket for your camera body. This simplifies switching between landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical) orientation and will end up saving you lots of time, thus allowing you to create more quality images. 

• Be prepared to get wet! I usually wear shorts and go barefoot, but having a pair of tall rubber boots or neoprene waders is recommended for cold weather.